Why KuduTek XLNavigator?

Save Time

Quick and easy Excel navigation.

Less Frustration

Perform tasks in Excel in fewer steps.

No Coding

No macros or VBA required.

What are KuduTek customers saying?

XLNavigator is genuinely an incredibly useful addition to Excel. I often receive Excel files with 15-20 sheets or more of financial data from my clients, which I have to review and use in preparing the clients' financial statements and tax returns. The vertical tabs immediately show me all the sheets and even hidden sheets in the spreadsheet without having to scroll one bit, and that is a massive time-saver for me!

I love the interactive calendar on the side that lets me pick a date visually and update the selected cells with that date. The calendar can show me a full 12-month view and week numbers, and that is very handy as I plan out training and planning schedules for the upcoming year. I also got spoiled with the vertical tabs that feel more natural to use in Excel.

Selecting a range of data cells and inserting that data selection as a new table into SQL Server on an ad-hoc basis is part of my daily workflow as I do most of my data analysis and database conceptual prototyping in SQL and Excel. Using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard requires several steps to import data from Excel, and errors can occur during the import process. XLNavigator lets me stay focused on my task rather than going down a tangent trying to get the data into SQL Server. What a simple yet powerful tool!