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7 reasons why Excel is great for database data bulk editing

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Excel spreadsheets facilitate the overall bigger picture of the data on hand, all in one familiar sheet, and gives the user “data situational awareness”. Therefore it is easier for the user to make data cleaning and standardizing easier because the user can consider all the data in the same context.

It enables the data project owner to share spreadsheets with other individuals, in different departments, to review and edit the data in familiar Excel within their specific area of focus and data knowledge, without having to be logged into a specific software program.

Enables separation of data cleanup work from specific software program user login sessions.

The Excel approach eliminates multiple GUI steps to view, edit or add data.

Excel makes it easier to do data batch validation before actually posting data back, or inserting new data into database.

The use of copies of an Excel file for before and after serves as a simple archiving and backup solution of original data and data revisions. It adds a lot of flexibility.

Makes it easy to copy data from source to destination databases.

Flexibility and versatility of Excel functions for ad hoc data sort, filter, find and replace, cut or copy and paste, Excel data validation features, the sky is the limit!

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