How to get Excel Vertical Sheet Tabs

excel vertical sheet tabs
excel vertical sheet tabs

To enable the Excel Vertical Sheet Tabs in Excel, you can use this Excel Vertical Sheet Tabs option that works very well. This is the best option and requires no macros or VBA.

However, have you ever wondered why, in Microsoft Excel, there is only a horizontal sheet tabs option to scroll and navigate through Excel Worksheets? Unfortunately, Microsoft Excel has no built-in option to display Excel worksheet tabs vertically. However, for those who want to work with macros and VBA, there are some creative workaround methods on how to display / show worksheet tabs vertically on the left side of Excel.

The standard horizontal sheet tabs in Excel become somewhat slow and cumbersome if you have a large Excel Workbook that contains ten or more sheets, especially when the tab names are long. Excel Sheet Tab names can be up to 31 characters long. Having such long sheet tab names results in by default that you only see about four sheet tabs at a time that you can easily click on to navigate to those sheet tabs.

Even when displaying only the four sheet tabs in the example above, you can, by default, not even see the complete tab name of the last visible tab to the right.

excel sheet tab

Now, if you are familiar with Excel and Excel Sheet Tabs, you can narrow the horizontal scrollbar by dragging the resizer (directly to the right of the (+)) to the right. Now, you may see seven sheet tabs, and the last one again may not be fully readable.

excel horizontal scroll bar

When you need to find another sheet tab to the right or left of the sheet tabs that are currently shown, you will typically click on the small triangles pointing left and right in the bottom left corner.

excel sheets left-right

Now, some advanced users may know that you can also right-click on those small left and right triangles and, from there, select the sheet that you wish to navigate to and open.

excel available sheets

Considering all the steps and mouse clicks involved, would it not be nice if there was an easier and quicker way to navigate between multiple sheet tabs and see more or all the sheet tabs without having to scroll left or right?

Well, there is an easier way: if you have vertical sheet tabs, then those Excel vertical sheet tabs can show many more sheet tabs without the need to scroll. And if you have more than 30 vertical tabs, a standard up-and-down scroll bar makes it a breeze to navigate to the end or the start of the list of sheets.

Excel Vertical Tabs

Check out this 2-minute video on how this Excel Vertical Sheet Tabs Add-in works:

To enable the Excel Vertical Sheet Tabs in Excel, download and install the Excel add-in called XLNavigator here.


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