Excel to SQL | SQL to Excel

Learn how to use Excel and SQL together to create powerful and versatile data utilities for SQL data CRUD operations and analysis

Why Use Excel and SQL Together?

Flexible & Rapid Development

Easily share initial designs with Excel users for quick feedback and suggestions. User only needs to open an Excel file and can make notes and comments within the Excel file.

User Familiarity & Quick Setup

Users who already use Excel everyday is already familiar with Excel and can immediately open an Excel SQL data utility workbook file without the need to install anything.

Bulk Editing Easy with Copy & Paste

Data to be loaded into a SQL database often is provided as a CSV or Excel file. It is natural and easy for users to edit data in Excel using Excel built-in features like copying and pasting etc.

SQL Queries and Data Export

Learn how to use SQL queries to export data from a SQL database into Excel. We will look at VBA and no-VBA methods as well as third party tools.

Update and Edit SQL Data

Learn how to use Excel to edit and update data in a SQL database. We will look at both native Excel methods and external tools.

Insert and Import SQL Data

Learn how to use Excel VBA with SQL statements to insert new data records back into a SQL database table.

Delete SQL Table Data Rows

To cover the last part of CRUD operations you will learn how to select and delete data rows in a SQL database table.

SQL Data Filters, Lookups, Validation, Bulk Editing and More

To create professional user-friend Excel SQL data bulk editing utilities that insures only valid data is pushed into the SQL database we will learn how to use filters and how to validate SQL data server-side and locally in Excel. You will also learn how to use Dynamic SQL data lookups and how to create a robust Excel bulk data editing utility with all the concepts and techniques to facilitate that.


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Jon Muller: Excel SQL

Excel SQL: Free videos to learn how to do database editing with Excel.

Hi, my name is Jon Muller, founder of the company KuduTek.

I am excited and committed to sharing with you what I know about Excel and data. I will be teaching you all the bits of knowledge-gems that I have accumulated through my 20 years of consulting work. My goal will be to follow a weekly release schedule.

We will focus on using Excel as a practical solution and striking a balance between using SQL and Excel together. I will show you how to use real-time data connectivity with SQL for the heavy-lifting data crunching work and Excel as the presentation platform and for higher-level light-weight data validation and processing.

Most Excel gurus focus on read-only data pulling. However, I will teach you practical ways to not only pull data but also update and add data to the database. We will be using the same disciplined approach and methodologies that software engineers use. Using Excel for bulk database data editing offers many advantages. Here is an example of an Excel workbook that I developed that enables the user to do Excel SQL bulk update work. 

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