Video: SQL Bulk Update Data with Excel

Excel SQL Bulk Data Editing

Excel is an excellent tool for bulk data updating and importing into SQL databases. It may sound unsophisticated, but Excel is a powerful yet simple solution for bulk data editing. No third-party programming is involved other than using SQL and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – which are already part of Excel. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective.

You can see a demonstration of how this works here:

Introduction to the KuduTek Excel Equipment Maintenance Utility

In this demonstration I show you how the popular KuduTek Excel Equipment Maintenance Utility works. This utility was specifically designed to access and edit SQL Server data which is used by e-automate, an ERP product from ECI Solutions and it is primarily used by office equipment dealers. However similar solutions can be developed for other databases in addition to Microsoft SQL Server. As a matter of fact, most mainstream databases like Oracle, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, etc. can be worked in a similar way.


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