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 February 21, 2019

By  Jon Muller

Hi, my name is Jon Muller, founder of the company KuduTek.

About 2 years ago I posted my first video on my youtube channel with the long title: Bulk Update Data with Excel | Excel SQL Database Update and Insert Utility.

I created that video because I wanted to promote the concept of using Excel as a viable and practical solution to edit and insert data in a SQL database in bulk. I also wanted to use that opportunity to promote my company KuduTek and my excel consulting service, and showcased the concept through demonstrating a specific example of how I developed the so-called “e-automate Equipment Maintenance Utility”.

I am now scaling back on my consulting work and I want to focus on, through this blog and my youtube channel, sharing with you all the bits of knowledge-gems that I have collected through my 20 years of consulting work, and by using excel in creative ways. I am going to try my best to stick to at least a weekly video release schedule.

Regarding my first video about the Excel update and insert Utility, I failed to clarify that the tool that I demonstrated was very specific for use with a specific ERP system called e-automate, and only to be used with the Equipment data in that ERP. So, I meant to demonstrate it as an example of the methodology being used rather than promoting it as an off-the-shelve tool that can be used on any data without customization. Rest assured though, the same concept can be used to perform CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete) on pretty much any database tables, including foreign key lookups and data validation.

In my upcoming videos, I will systematically show you how to accomplish this and I will be using the SQL Server sample database called “AdventureWorks”.

Although I personally want to scale back on my consulting work on one-off custom projects with clients, please feel free to email me if you do need a Excel consultant and we can discuss your specific needs and see how I can help you. Nevertheless, anyone with a bit of perseverance, some Excel experience and perhaps a bit of knowledge of programming, should be able to follow my examples and be able to create their own fantastic solution for whatever their specific data needs may be. It would be my honor to have contributed to such a solution!

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