Finally! Discover how easy it is to navigate Excel with Vertical Tabs!

Vertical Tabs

Date Picker for Excel

Date Picker


Future Feature 3


Future Feature 4

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Download the Free Excel Add-in for Excel Vertical Tabs + Date Picker

This add-in will make large Excel workbooks a breeze to navigate and makes it easy to see the full content of the workbook at a glance. A nifty date picker also makes editing and adding dates in Excel a snap. Get your copy free today today!

excel vertical tabs + date calendar picker

  • No more horizontal scrolling to access all worksheet tabs. See all worksheets and navigate to any worksheet in a jiffy! 
  • Easily pick dates from a sticky calendar and change existing dates in cells from the calendar. This makes working with dates much more visually and quick. 
  • Many exciting new features to follow soon to make use of Excel more productive and efficient.

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