Easy Excel Side Tabs in Color 2023

Microsoft Excel side tabs in color on the left or right are addictive. Once you have it you will never want to go back to just plain old regular tabs in Excel!
Excel side tabs in color

In Microsoft Excel color side tabs stacked on the left or right are a great way to organize your sheets with data in an Excel workbook. With regular horizontal tabs, on the other hand, it is hard to see your colored tabs and workbook sheet layout entirely because of the small and truncated horizontal tabs at the bottom of the workbook.

Excel horizontal sheet tab navigation can be cumbersome.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your color sheet tabs vertically displayed on the left or right-hand side?

Excel side tabs in color

Continue reading to find out how easy it is to display Excel side tabs in color on the left or right in Excel.

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Excel Side Tabs in Color on the Left or Right

There are several benefits to having Excel sheet tabs displayed vertically on the left or right in Excel. In this post and video below, you will learn what is possible with the latest free version of the XLNavigator add-in for Excel.

Watch Video: How to Have Excel Side Tabs in Color

XLNavigator version 1.0.58

In XLNavigator version 1.0.58, we have added several color options to the Excel side tabs so that you can now have Excel side tabs in color and the advantages that come with vertical color sheet tabs.

1 – Sync Excel Side Tabs in Color with Horizontal Sheet Tabs

The default option syncs the vertical side tabs with the color of the horizontal sheet tabs. This color sync option also mirrors the selected office theme color. I like the dark theme, but it works and looks equally nice in the other color themes, like “white.”

Color sheet tabs with the white office theme

2 – Customize Side Tabs Color to Your Liking

Instead of mirroring the horizontal sheet tab color, you can customize the side tabs to your liking. You can set both the text and tab color of the selected tab and the other unselected tabs.

Choose your own custom colors for Excel side tabs

3 – Choose From Preset Side Tab Color Modes

In addition to the custom color tab and horizontal sheet tab color sync options, there are also some preset color options. Choose from “Excel Green,” “Dark,” and “Dodger Blue” preset color modes.

Excel vertical sheet tab color preset options

Note that when you select a preset color theme and then go to customize, you get those preset colors to customize.

Customize Excel side tab color based on last selected color preset option

Easy to See All Workbook Sheets Tabs Without Having to Scroll

One benefit of using color tabs vertically in Microsoft Excel is that it makes it easy to see all workbook sheets without having to scroll to the left or right awkwardly (or having to right-click to view the list of the tabs), especially when you make the side tabs smaller.

Make vertical tabs smaller to fit all into view without need to scroll

Enhance and Improve Sheet Tabs Visibility and Legibility

Another benefit is to enhance and improve sheet visibility and legibility through very large color sheet tabs — especially when presented on a TV, projector, or online meeting/presentation.

Large color side tabs make presentation in Excel very easy and clear

Move the Vertical Color Sheet Tabs Pane From Left to Right

Depending on your preference and application, it might be better to have the sheet side tabs positioned on the right instead of the default left side of the Excel window. This can easily be done by simply dragging and dropping the vertical tabs pane to the right side of the Excel window, where it will automatically snap in place on the right. The side tabs pane can also be moved back to the left side whenever you want.

Vertical tabs can also be shown on the right

Collapse the Side Tabs Pane If Not Being Used

If you are working with a small Excel workbook and/or need to view the maximum sheet area and contents, then collapse the vertical sheet tabs pane out of the view area by clicking on the double arrow toggle button in the top corner of the pane. And click the toggle button again to expand the tabs pane when you do need to navigate using the side sheet tabs.

10 Easily collapse the vertical tabs pane if not needed or for more sheet viewable area

See Hidden and Very Hidden Sheet Tabs

Another benefit of using the vertical tabs is that it lists all hidden and very hidden sheet tabs in the workbook and the hidden sheet tabs’ relative position among regular sheet tabs.

See if and where any hidden sheets reside in Excel workbook
Hence you can easily see if and where any hidden sheets reside in the Excel workbook.

Closing Remarks

The XLNavigator add-in for Excel with resizeable color side tabs makes navigation and visual organization of sheets and content in Excel workbooks very easy. Color tabs are available in XLNavigator version 1.0.58 or later.

In addition to the vertical tabs in Excel, XLNavigator has an easy Excel Date Picker for easy date value editing in Excel.

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