XLNavigator FAQ

First, make sure you close all open Microsoft Office applications on your Windows computer. Click on the Download button above and download the installer. Once downloaded, open the installer file to install the XLNavigator add-in for Excel. Follow the installation steps, and after the installation process is complete, you should see the Excel vertical tabs and the date picker calendar appear in MS Excel.

First, click on the Purchase button and complete the checkout process. After you have completed the payment steps, you will receive an email from LicenceSpring containing your XLNavigator license key. Next, open Excel, click on the KuduTek.com ribbon tab, and click About. From there, you will see the upgrade button. Once you click the upgrade button, you will see a prompt to paste in a valid license key. Once you click OK, your XLNavigator add-in should show the version changed to “Standard” or “Professional”.

No. At this time, XLNavigator is compatible with Windows 8 and later.

No, not yet. Currently, XLNavigator is only compatible with the Windows desktop version of MS Excel.