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Are you tired of battling with Excel’s date input quirks? Say hello to XLNavigator – the ultimate Excel date picker add-in that revolutionizes the way you manage dates in your spreadsheets.

Why Choose The XLNavigator Excel Date Picker Add-In?

XLNavigator stands out from the competition. See how we compare to other Excel date management solutions:

Excel Date Picker Add-In FeaturesXLNavigatorOther Excel Date Pickers
Set Dates from Calendar
Eliminate Date Typos
Visualize Selected Cell Date on the Calendar
Resizeable Calendar
Display Up to 12 Months Without Scrolling
Auto Adjust Column Width to Display Date
Display Week Numbers
Display Calendar Left, Right or Hide

Benefits & Features

Save time when working with Excel dates

The XLNavigator Excel Date Picker Add-In and Calendar lets you see up to 12 months visually. It is quick and easy to scroll through different years and months. Pick a date from the calendar and the date value will be automatically entered into the selected cell or multiple cells simultaneously.

excel dates - 12 month calendar date picker excel
visually verify and edit dates in excel

Easily verify and edit dates visually in Excel

When you select a cell with a date or date-convertible value, you can interactively view the date on the date-picker calendar. Easily verify dates visually, mainly to check what day of the week a selected date represents. Then, change the cell date from the calendar if needed.

Eliminate frustration when entering dates in Excel

It can be cumbersome to enter dates manually into Excel, and it is easy to make mistakes. The date-picker calendar ensures quick, accurate dates and a happier you!

Excel Date Picker Add-In

Don’t let date-related frustrations slow you down. Try XLNavigator Excel Date Picker Add-In today and experience hassle-free Excel date management like never before. Learn more about all XLNavigator’s benefits and features now.

What are XLNavigator customers saying?

Having a date-picker calendar on the side in Excel is so convenient when working with dates in Excel. Although setting dates in cells from the calendar is handy, visually seeing corresponding dates on the calendar when selecting cells containing date values is very handy.

The XLNavigator calendar and date-picker have spoiled me, and I cannot go back to typing dates manually in Excel. The resizeable calendar makes planning so easy. Planning, reviewing, and flipping dates in Excel is incredible!

I love the interactive calendar on the side that lets me pick a date visually and update the selected cells with that date. The calendar can show me a full 12-month view and week numbers, and that is very handy as I plan out training and planning schedules for the upcoming year. I also got spoiled with the vertical tabs that feel more natural to use in Excel.

Ready to streamline your Excel date management?

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Excel Date Picker Add-In

Excel Date Picker Add-In: FAQ

Why can't I find date picker in Excel?

Unfortunately, Excel 64-bit does not have a built-in date picker control. The only alternative is to use a third-party Excel date picker add-in like XLNavigator.

What is Excel date picker and how to use it?

The original and official Excel date picker is a feature that allows you to insert a calendar into a cell and select a date from it. However, as stated above, this feature is not available in the 64-bit version of Excel. To use it, you must enable the Developer tab in the ribbon, insert an ActiveX control, and adjust its properties and VBA code.

Even if the Microsoft Excel date picker control was still available for 64-bit Excel, it requires macro-enabled workbooks and VBA coding. Hence, it is not the most practical and easiest option anyway.

Other Excel date picker add-ins give you a similar experience to the original Excel date picker control without needing VBA and macros. However, they are typically still limited to displaying a single month on the calendar.

What sets the XLNavigator Excel date picker add-in apart is that it can display a resizable calendar up to 12 months at a time that is always available to view and pick dates from without having to click on a specific cell or a cell containing a date. You can hide the calendar if you don’t need it. When you select a cell with a date value, it dynamically refreshes and displays the selected date on the calendar.

How to change the format of the date picker? You can change the format of the date picker by modifying the cell's Excel value format. You can use any of the standard date formats or create a custom one.

How to insert multiple date pickers in a worksheet?

With the old Microsoft date picker control you can insert multiple date pickers in a worksheet by copying and pasting the existing control or by inserting a new one. However, with the XLNavigator Excel date picker, the calendar is not inserted but rather is displayed on the left or right side from where you pick a date for one or multiple selected cells. Also, see the date visualization on the calendar when you select a cell that contains a date value.

How to troubleshoot common issues with excel date picker?

Some of the common issues with Excel date picker are: the control does not appear, the control does not work, the control does not update the linked cell, or the control causes an error. To fix these issues, you can try the following steps: check the security settings, enable macros, update the control, or repair the office installation. However with third-party Excel date picker add-ins like XLNavigator all those issues are eliminated.

How to create a drop-down date picker?

You can create a drop-down date picker using a combo box or a data validation list. You must populate the list with the dates you want to display and link it to a cell. You can also use a formula to generate the dates dynamically. In most cases, it is easier and better just to use a calendar date picker that displays on the side using the XLNavigator Excel date picker add-in.