Use Excel Vertical Tabs to move between sheets quickly. Be efficient!

vertical tabs in excel with xlnavigator

XLNavigator is an Excel Add-In to quickly and effortlessly let you navigate worksheets using Excel vertical tabs with minimal scrolling. First of its kind! Try Excel vertical tabs for yourself and you will never want to be without vertical tabs in Excel again!

Why XLNavigator?

Save Time

Quick and easy Excel navigation.

Less Frustration

Perform tasks in Excel in fewer steps.

No Coding

No macros or VBA required.

Excel Vertical Tabs Benefits & Features

Excel Vertical Tabs Save time when navigating between many worksheets

Minimize the need for scrolling or multiple clicks when navigating between many sheets. Tabs stacked vertically feel more natural, and significantly more vertical tabs can be seen on the side before the vertical scroll bar is needed. Even with the vertical scroll bar, it is so much easier to scroll up or down through the Excel vertical tabs than horizontally.

vertical tabs versus horizonal tabs
excel navigation, vertical tabs different colors

Easily discern between Excel workbooks with colored Excel Vertical Tabs

Through workbook-specific customized Excel vertical tabs each Excel workbook can have a unique appearance to easily differentiate between workbooks visually and quickly. Customize vertical tab dimensions, font size and alignment, and colors.

Vertical Tabs Eliminate frustration when looking for specific sheets in an Excel workbook

With vertical tabs it is easy and quick to go to specific Excel worksheets. Find sheets fast with the Excel vertical tabs quick-search option. Use case-sensitive search option for exact matching.

XLNavigator Vertical Tabs offer several benefits and features to make Excel workbook sheet navigation easier. The vertical tabs also show hidden and very hidden sheets and give you complete Excel workbook situational awareness. XLNavigator also offers a ton of other features and benefits to make you a more efficient Excel power user. Learn more about all XLNavigator’s benefits and features now.

What are XLNavigator customers saying?

XLNavigator is genuinely an incredibly useful addition to Excel. I often receive Excel files with 15-20 sheets or more of financial data from my clients, which I have to review and use in preparing the clients' financial statements and tax returns. The Excel vertical tabs immediately show me all the sheets and even hidden sheets in the spreadsheet without having to scroll one bit, and that is a massive time-saver for me!

Having the sheet tabs in Excel on the side feels natural and is effective for finding and selecting specific sheets, and even in smaller spreadsheets, I see the Excel vertical tabs as my preference. I am not sure why this is not part of Excel out of the box. Thank you, KuduTek!

Combining the Excel vertical tabs on the left side with the horizontal standard tabs makes for an excellent solution to plan out spreadsheet-based content rapidly. I use the handy interactive calendar tool daily for planning dates. I do everything in Excel, and I cannot do so without this amazing add-in.