Use Excel to import selected cells into SQL Server

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XLNavigator is an Excel Add-In to easily and quickly let you import selected cells as a table in SQL Server. When you import selected cells, the SQL import process is very fast and optionally dynamic table column data types can be detected from the cell selection in Excel. Before you import selected cells, specify the SQL table name and select schema name from the schema drop-down list.

Why XLNavigator?

Import Range to SQL Table

Select Any Block of Cells and Import selected cells Into SQL Server as New Table Fast!

Export SQL Table to Range

Export Data from SQL Server Tables and Views Fast with a Couple of Mouse Clicks!

Multi-Schema Support

Create SQL Tables under Specific Schema. Export from Specific Schema. Drop and Truncate Tables from a Specific Schema.

Benefits & Features

Easily import any two-dimensional range selection into SQL Server

Significantly minimize the steps needed an ad-hoc import of selected cells into SQL Server as new tables in less time. There is no need for the error-prone cumbersome process of importing Excel data into SQL Server using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard or SSIS.

import cell selection into sql server any schema
automatic data type detection

Clean table definitions with dynamic data type detection

Automatically detect date, money, decimal, and integer numeric types and varchar strings or load all data as varchar strings. Set minimum varchar length with specified increment size increases for a clean table design when you import selected cells. Optionally import first row headers and identify seed ID column.

Effortlessly export any SQL Server table or view into Excel

With just a few mouse clicks, Export thousands of rows within seconds from any SQL Server table or view under any schema into a selected area in Excel as a range or an Excel table. Delete or Clear one or multiple tables under any schema in just a few clicks.

Excel SQL, export sql server table to excel

What are XLNavigator customers saying?

The ability to quickly select any block of cells of data in Excel and then load it as a new table in SQL Server in no time is beneficial to me. I work with SQL and Excel every day. Trying to import data into SQL Server using SSIS or the import wizard several times daily is frustrating, especially when running into import errors!

Selecting a range of data cells and inserting that data selection as a new table into SQL Server on an ad-hoc basis is part of my daily workflow as I do most of my data analysis and database conceptual prototyping in SQL and Excel. Using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard requires several steps to import data from Excel, and errors can occur during the import process. XLNavigator lets me stay focused on my task rather than going down a tangent trying to get the data into SQL Server. What a simple yet powerful tool!

Importing ad hoc data from Excel into SQL is easy with this tool. I love the option to specify a minimum varchar length and step up in specified increments in varchar length instead of just setting the varchar length to the longest string in Excel. Exporting tables and views are also quick and easy the way it should be