Hack Resize Excel Vertical Tabs in 5 secs!

Make Excel vertical tabs big with large text for visual ease or make the tabs small and compact to see 100+ Excel tabs without the need to scroll. Easy!
Hack Resize Excel Vertical Tabs in 5 secs!

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What’s new in XLNavigator version 1.0.54: Resize Excel Vertical Tabs

Many of you have asked whether it’s possible to increase the size of the vertical tab buttons, the text size, and the height and width. In this version, 1.0.54, we’ve added the option for you to resize Excel vertical tabs fast and easily.

Standard size Excel vertical tabs

Resize Excel vertical tabs quickly with slider controls

If you go to the XLNavigator tab on the ribbon bar, you’ll see a new “user options” button.

XLNavigator ribbon tab in Excel
XLNavigator User Options

Now we have slider controls that you can use to change the vertical tab’s text size, the tab width, and the tab height. You can also reset to the original settings or click okay, and the settings will save and persist.

Resize Excel vertical tabs easily with the slider controls

So next time you open Excel, the new resized vertical tabs will still be there. But you can always revert to the original settings if you want to. So, let’s experiment with this a little bit. Let’s say you want to see a little larger Excel vertical tab text. You can slide the vertical tab text slider control to the right.

As the text gets bigger, you can see that the buttons get more condensed or compacted. The vertical tab height is handy for increasing the tab height a little bit, and if you want to get more width there, you can also slide the vertical tab width control.

Large Excel vertical tabs

And that’s how you would resize Excel vertical tabs using XLNavigator and change the size and the text size of the vertical tab buttons in Excel. To save these tab dimensions, click OK.

Large vertical tabs in Excel for easy visual navigation

One example where large Excel vertical tabs could be handy is when you zoom in and increase the view size in Excel. When you zoom in, Excel will enlarge the displayed content of the worksheets, but the horizontal sheet tabs still have the original size text and dimensions.

Excel horizontal tabs do not change when you zoom in

Especially for those with a visual impairment, making the vertical tabs larger with larger text can make Excel workbook navigation so much easier.

Large Excel vertical tabs and text work well when zoomed-in in Excel

XLNavigator updater service for an easy update to v1.0.54

Suppose you are a current user of the XLNavigator add-in. In that case, you can easily update to the latest version of XLNavigator by double-clicking on the XLNavigator KuduTek icon in the Windows service tray.

XLNavigator updater service to check and install latest updates

Once the XLNavigator window appears, click on the “Check for updates” button.

XLNavigator check for updates

Free XLNavigator

If you don’t see the icon there or the update button does not work, you can still easily install the new version by going to “add and remove programs” and then removing the old version of XLNavigator first. Once uninstalled, download and install the free version of XLNavigator here.

Watch video on how to resize vertical tabs in Excel

Closing remarks

The XLNavigator add-in for Excel makes navigation in Excel workbooks very easy. Resize Excel vertical tabs using version 1.0.54 or later.

In addition to the vertical tabs in Excel, XLNavigator has an easy Excel Date Picker for easy date value editing in Excel. We plan to release many new updates with more cool features in XLNavigator. Look out for color vertical tabs and other Excel easy navigation features soon.

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